Should Custom Home Builders Charge For Their Design Service?

13/12/2023 by Steve Fitz

So here’s the big question that you often ask yourself, “Will I lose a potential customer if I try to charge them a home design…

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I managed 100+ tenders for clients building their dream homes and reviewed 300+ builders quotes. Here’s what I found out;

24/10/2019 by Steve Fitz

In 2010 I launched Your Building Broker – a service that would design and tender custom homes for clients who were spending $350,000 – $1.5M…

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How to Continuously Improve your Digital Marketing to Win More Clients

25/04/2019 by Steve Fitz

The last phase of our Signature System is called Continuous Improvement. This is essential to growing your building company, reducing your ad costs, increasing your…

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Social Media Advertising for Home Builders

16/04/2019 by Steve Fitz

When it comes to social media marketing for new home builders – the best channel right now is Facebook. Facebook includes the Facebook platform as…

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Search Engine Advertising (or PPC) for Home Builders

11/04/2019 by Steve Fitz

How can you take advantage of search engine advertising with search engines like Google and Bing as a new home builder? Every new home builder…

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How to Convert Visitors/Viewers into Leads then into Sales as a Home Builder

04/04/2019 by Steve Fitz

Everything you do with your advertising and marketing as a home builder is focused on one result; Getting a face to face meeting with a…

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