How can you take advantage of search engine advertising with search engines like Google and Bing as a new home builder?

Every new home builder should be using Google Ads to win new business as it’s a highly used search engine when potential customers are searching for a home builder.

With your Google Ads there are two forms to use;

  • Keyword searches
  • Google display network for banners/videos

For keywords you need to understand the difference between broad terms and specific.

Broad term keywords might be something like “2 storey builders” whereas specific keywords like “narrow lot home designs Sydney” are going to be highly targeted and these show a higher intention from the customers as they know what they want.

Define your demographics. Location, age and so on. This will reduce waste in your ad spend.

Use landing pages – either a dedicated landing page for each keyword group or optimise a webpage for that specific keyword group which will also allow prospective clients to browse your website after their initial search. This way they can find out more about you, see some additional work you’ve done and more.

Use the GDN (Google Display Network) to show banners and videos across the web. This will help you build your brand awareness but also allow you to utilise both In-Market Audiences and Remarketing for people who are ready to choose a builder. The GDN also opens up YouTube and Gmail – and YouTube is under-utilised at the moment for home builders.