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Our Signature System

Have your full digital marketing campaign live and attracting new clients in less than
60 days

Dear New Home Builder,

Have you ever wondered why some builders thrive with new home sales yet a seemingly similar builder struggles to make sales each month?

The answer is clear, if you know how to identify it…

In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to reveal what the most successful builders are doing and how you can do the same.

But first ask yourself…

Have you ‘tried Facebook’ or ‘tried Adwords’ or ‘tried a new website’ or tried some other gimmick, only to find it didn’t work? Or are you at the mercy of unreliable referrals?

Perhaps you even trusted a big time agency who persuaded you with their slick brochures and their big list of ‘A’ class businesses they work with for little to no results? (None of which were new home builders – which might explain why they failed).

I personally know that frustration because when I was a builder I have ‘been there and done that’.

Well right now I’m going to share with you the secret you’ve been looking for.

Every successful home builder, big or small, has the following;

  1. A blueprint they follow and a compelling brand story (Note: Don’t skip over this!!)
  2. A proven sales system (or what I call a sales funnel)
  3. An active advertising campaign that runs continuously all year round
  4. Continuous improvement of their campaigns over time

This is true whether you’re a first home builder, a project home builder with many display homes or a custom home builder in the luxury market.

You must have a plan to follow and then execute.

I’m sure you would agree that you wouldn’t build a house without having a plan… and yet so many new home builders are trying to grow their business without a plan in place to win new customers!

Let’s be real for a minute and face the painful truth – as a builder you must always be on the hunt for new business. If you’re not, you’re six months away from laying people off.

So where do you start?

This is a difficult question that leaves many builders stuck with what to do next.

What used to work has now been disrupted by the internet. People aren’t buying the way they would a decade ago. Newspapers, TV and Radio are so much less effective than ever before and people can research online whenever they like.

The building industry has changed and unless you change with it, you’ll have no choice but to close your doors.

That would be disastrous… For you, for your family, your employees and for all those potential customers who would have been in great hands if you were the one building their home!

While all you want to do is to get on building houses, you must overcome the challenge you’re facing right now…. WHERE IS MY NEXT CUSTOMER COMING FROM?

That’s why we launched Building Boom and released our Signature System for winning clients with digital marketing.

It’s the done-for-you plan that you can have running in your company in less than 60 days and reliably count on new, qualified leads, week after week.

Using our proven blueprints such as;

  • The Facebook Sales Funnel For Builders
  • The Adwords Sales Funnel For Builders
  • The Facebook Funnel For Display Homes
  • And more…

You can be like other builders we current market for, who generate new leads that translate to new home sales, reliably, week in and week out.

So if you’re ready to make the jump… to get back to doing what you do best and build more homes, request your blueprint today.

You’ll see that having an actionable plan that works is what you’ve been missing and how quickly things can turn around once you put that plan into action.

Steve Fitz – Managing Director