Need a CRM for your sales team. This CRM is fantastic for home building companies and what we recommend for all of our clients.

As a builder, you need to organise your sales leads so that no sales ever slip through the cracks.

If you employ sales reps in your building company, you’ll also need something that is extremely user friendly. If it isn’t your sales people won’t use the software and will revert back to a pen and paper.

For that reason, we recommend and use ourselvesPipedrive (Note: Full disclosure – This is our referral link. If you do decide to use Pipedrive, we will receive a small commission).

We set up Pipedrive using key stages for sales leads.

These are typically;

  • New Leads
  • In Discussion
  • In Design / Pricing
  • PPA (Preparation of Plans agreement)
  • Contracts

This lets builders forecast their cash flow and sales and marketing managers see what is in the sales pipeline and helps them manage their sales people.