All construction companies that grow into a highly successful company have the same key ingredients.

In the video below I break down these three key ingredients.

All successful construction companies;

#1 Have a Defined Market

Choose what builder you are… don’t be a builder that does everything.

So choose your target home price and size.

That might be;

  • First Home Builder
  • Affordable single storey builder
  • Second/third home buyer – single storey builder
  • Luxury single storey builder
  • Affordable double storey builder (also does single storey)
  • Second/third home buyer – double storey builder (also does single storey)
  • Luxury double storey builder (also does single storey)
  • Custom Home Builder (typically up to $1M in price)
  • Executive level Custom Home Builder (typically start at $1M or $1.5M)

#2 Advertise Continually

If you want to grow you must advertise. It’s the only way that you will go beyond a referral based business.

Advertising continually will help you avoid obscurity (the biggest enemy of home builders) and will also develop your brand. Branding your company is a long term approach to developing market awareness and will pay off the longer you do it.

Advertising will also help you understand what your target market wants and is looking for, which will lead you to greater sales conversions and the ability to scale.

#3 Systems

As a builder, so many things can go wrong. For this reason, you must be organised and have systems that you use so your company always does the same thing, over and over, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

If you don’t have good systems, you’ll suffer from delays and erosion that will eat away at your profits and make it much more difficult for you to operate.

You systems should be company wide. That means you’ll have a system for your Sales team, your Prestart process, your Construction departments as well as Handing over your homes to your clients.