Imagine a 38 year old man visits your website looking to build a 2 storey home on a block he recently bought.

Now imagine he looks at 2 other competitors who specialise in building 2 storey homes.

Are you in with a chance to win his business?

If you’re a ‘we can build everything’ builder – the answer is NO.

He is going to find everything he is looking for on the two competitors web sites and close yours within seconds.

Small home builders often cast a very wide net with what they do and who they build homes for.

They’ll do first home buyers, second and third home buyers, single, double and triple storey homes, luxury homes, custom homes, commercial buildings, developments, extensions and renovations…. you name it.

The problem with that is, if you’re doing everything for everyone, then your company really isn’t any good for any one and that kind of home building business model only ever works through referrals.

If you want to grow and take control of your lead generation, you must choose who you serve and focus on a very narrow niche.

In the video I break down some key factors to consider so your building company moves away from being generic to be very specific.