No matter what size home builder you are, there are three critical areas you must pay attention to when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

Floor plans.

When it comes to the #1 searched term on Google for people wanting to build their new home, ‘floor plans’ (and other variants such as ‘house plans’) is king.

It makes sense that someone wants to get ideas for their new home while they are in home building mode.

So for home builders it’s vital that you give access to your floor plan portfolio so potential customers can browse and contact you if they find something of interest.

Even better, put it behind an ‘opt-in’ form so you can use your email marketing and re-target them with paid ads as warmer prospective customers.

Elevation Styles.

If a potential customer loves a particular style of home, or colour scheme, they will search builders websites for ideas that resonate with what they want for their home.

That’s why it’s important to have a range of different styles (or one dominant theme if you’re going to carve out your niche) on your website.

I share more on this strategy in our downloadable guide – 6 Surprisingly Simple Ways The Best Builders Win More Work.

Think about your customer for a minute.

If they love Hamptons style homes and your competitor shows 5 different homes with that style, and as a custom home builder you don’t show any… who will that person speak to first? As a custom home builder you’re obviously able to build that home, but if a potential customer can’t see that home on your website they will speak to someone else.

Consider fast-tracking a few different style options by creating 3 different facades for your homes. That way a portfolio of only 3 homes could have 9 different prominent styles to show off.

Face to Camera Video.

Builders need to step up their social media game and get their game face on!

Face to camera videos brings a level of authenticity that text and images simply cannot bring.

You’ll add personality to your building company as well as increasing trust and likeability when done well.

Right now, not many builders are doing this, so add this to your digital mix ASAP and get ahead of your competition.

To maximise your time with a cameraman and editor, consider creating a batch of videos all at once.

If you have a branded polo shirt, you can spend half a day creating a dozen or more videos. Then drip feed those videos out once a week and you’re set for three months!

Don’t over think it. Get out there and DO IT!